Born and raised in the San Francisco Peninsula, Karl has made it his passion to know the Bay Area. With close to a decade of experience assisting people find a place to call home, Karl has made lifelong connections with all walks of life and has proven to be an indispensable resource. His expertise in the local real estate market and trends is a commodity well-sought after and one that is utilized to its fullest potential for his clients. Karl epitomizes integrity, energy, diligence, and creative service in every detail of each real estate transaction. He is a family man with a devotion to God and enjoys spending time at his local coffee shop with a book in hand.

Karl is committed to go above and beyond what is expected – when going the extra mile has become the standard, Karl goes the extra ten.


Wilson started his career in real estate at the age of 16 when he was given the opportunity to manage a duplex in San Francisco. He was charged with the daily operations of the property, which included marketing rental units, screening of tenants, coordinating maintenance and repairs, maintaining budget and records, educating himself on applicable law, and handling tenant issues to ensure everyone was happy. Over time, he began managing, and eventually supervising the sale of, additional residential, mixed-use, and commercial units. Experiencing success in property management and sales early in his career, he was determined to seek out and assist more people with their real estate needs and obtained his real estate broker’s license at the age of 23.

His years of extensive property management has afforded him local expertise as to the constantly changing real estate market, superior and heightened awareness as a fiduciary, and valuable industry relationships that can be leveraged for his clients.


Originally from San Diego, California, in 2012 Cathy moved to San Francisco to further her education and career. She began working at a major financial institution as a Teller and worked her way up to become Sales & Service Specialists. Cathy has had the chance to work among various management styles and has learned to process all feedback constructively while integrating any coaching received in the execution of her daily duties. Cathy excels in providing value in the areas of problem management, client interactions and clerical duties while her main interest lies in the operational aspect of managing a business. Cathy is focused and excited to continue developing her career alongside Karl and Wilson as their Operations Manager, by providing support and coordinating operational strategies.

Cathy’s clients can count on her exceptional attention to detail and client care focus. Cathy can tackle your burdening concerns and will make sure you have a smile at the end of any project.

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